Linux Smart Enumeration now serves itself

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The first thing you need to do to use the Linux Smart Enumeration script is to copy it to your target. I already offer a couple of "one-liners" in the GitHub repository, but to use them, your target needs to have internet connection, which is not always the case (i.e. HackTheBox environment).

When your target is inside a network without direct internet access, you have to copy the file over using resourcing to methods like python3 -m http.server or nc -l -p 5555 <, etc. This is a boring and tedious task.

For that reason I included the -S flag to Linux Smart Enumeration in its 2.10 version. When you execute ./ -S, the script will serve itself and will print out several possible commands that you can use to copy it over to your target depending on your IP and available commands.


Now you only have to copy and paste the command you like and your copy of will be ready on your destination !!.

Happy Hacking!